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Angelegt am: August 15, 2009
Foren-Administrator: Wernher
Dieses Tool dient zum einfachen Erstellen einer Liste Ihrer MP3-Files, welche dann in einem Programm wie z.B. MS-Excel importiert und verwaltet werden kann. Der integrierte ID3-Tag Editor und weiter Funktionen wie z.B. das automatische Ausfüllen des ID3-Tags nach dem MP3-Dateinamen oder das Umbenennen der MP3-Datei nach dem ID3-Tag sparen beim Verwalten Ihrer MP3s eine Menge Zeit. Keine Installation erforderlich! Nützlich für alle, die Ordnung in ihre MP3-Sammlung bringen wollen. Neu: Automatische Abspielfunktion und Online-Hilfetexte zur komfortablen Bedienung.


TaguTagu presents you with the easiest way to organize your files: by adding tags to them. By using tags you can keep track of a huge number of files in the way that's most convenient to you. TaguTagu is a complete solution for tagging your files, integrated with Windows Explorer and other system services to make it more user friendly and usable.

Custom Calendar Maker

Custom Calendar Maker allows you to make your own calendars that you can customize with your pictures and photos. You can add your personal events, save your customized calendar to a bitmap file or print it to paper.
Some features available are: make photo calendars with your images,define personalized events,edit your photos and add special effects to them, multiple templates to choose from, very easy to use and highly configurable.
Use this software and you'll have the perfect gift for your family and friends: a nice photo calendar.

Export Artwork to iPhoto

This is an iTunes AppleScript that will export the artwork of the selected iTunes tracks--or tracks of the selected iTunes Playlist--to iPhoto, where they will also be copied to a "My iTunes Artwork" album.

Domain Availiability Checker

This extension checks the availability of a domain name. What's the point of going to another page when you can check it from your toolbar. A large amount of domain extensions are supported, and if you want to suggest more or other registrars, leave a comment below and on the next release we'll try to put that one in.