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Aqua Pop

Angelegt am: November 9, 2013
Foren-Administrator: René
Bunte Kugeln bedrohen ein friedliches Unterwasser-Reich. Der Spieler muss sie unbedingt vernichten, bevor sie einem großen Fisch ins Maul rollen. Denn dann ist bereits eines der eigenen Leben verloren. Ziel muss es sein, drei gleichfarbige Kugeln zusammenzubringen. Denn dann explodieren sie, ohne Schaden anzurichten.

Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales is an attractive puzzle challenge in the mah-jongg style. A pile of colorful animated dragon scales is poured out on the board. Remove the scales in sets of the same shape and color--but a scale cannot be removed if any other scale overlaps it. The game has a full complement of undo, autosolve, and hint features. Play windowed or full-screen. The full version can create unlimited new games, and you can define custom rules for a perpetual challenge, as hard or easy as you like. Features:include extra colors and shapes, and an option to remove scales instantly.


ezSMS is a PC-based email redirector which monitors and forwards emails from multiple email accounts to a cell phone or other SMS-enabled wireless device, making email accessible from anywhere.


TrialSmart is a legal application for reviewing, analyzing, and presenting electronic legal transcripts. The application has been designed for not only the solo practitioner(s) but also multinational firms as well as judges and clerks. Users can import, annotate, and run reports on any transcript(s) inside a case. Also, you can attach documents or exhibits, as well as video which you can later synchronize to the transcript and present to a jury using our sophisticated but elegant video editor. Video clips can also be exported to Keynote or PowerPoint. All QuickTime formats are supported. The reporting features inside of TrialSmart are powerful. TrialSmart comes packed with seven (7) reports for reviewing and printing case, transcript, or video information. Each report can be exported to text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF Format. Additional features include TrialSmart's Bulk Designation Editor for importing and exporting annotations in volume, the ability to perform Single or Multiple transcript searches, administrator level add, edit, or deleting of users or cases, as well as the creation of security groups using your own settings or TrialSmart's defaults, ability to print multi-page transcripts with borders for easy viewing, ability to Import, synchronize, and create clips for any QT compatible video/audio file, and the ability to create presentation groups for playing back groups of video clips to a jury. New Exhibit Presenter interface for showing documents instantly and performing real-time call-outs to a jury. Improved transcript and video windows. Enhanced database encryption. More import features and enhancements. Additional reports for finding additional case information.


HomerowBot is an artifical intellegence program that connects to aim and is similar to Smarter Child. It comes with a phrase editor so all the phrases are completely customizable. HomerowBot can send/receive phrases via FTP, save conversations, send warnings to users, block users, send instant messages to user, as well as other features.