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2000 Lichter gehen aus

Angelegt am: Juli 28, 2012
Foren-Administrator: Elke
Diese Kollektion sammelt 12 verschiedene Fun-Bildschirmschoner, die sich im privaten Bereich kostenfrei einsetzen lassen. Ein Randomizer sorgt dafür, dass die Module in einer zufälligen Reihenfolge aktiviert werden. Über ein Systemtray-Icon lassen sich die Module ebenfalls steuern. Sie lassen den Bildschirm schmelzen, fahren eine Slideshow ab oder lassen den hungrigen Pacman auf den Bildschirm los.

Almeza MultiSet Automatic Software Installer

A tool for creating a bootable disk with the Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista operating systems. You can quickly install an operating system on a computer from such a disk. While creating it, MultiSet also allows you to integrate some service packs and, if necessary, remove some components from the operating system (Media Player, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN Explorer, and Messenger). Version 6 build 115 includes several changes such as disk wizard may create an automatic disk with Windows Vista and software, an error with '/a silent' command was fixed, the Turkish language has been added, and other improvements.


Keep track of the fuel consumption, trips, gas mileage and maintenance schedule for one or several vehicles. Small, portable "green" application, no installation needed. The data is saved in a SQLite database, which is included in the download (no additional software needed).

Cavern Escape

You have awoken in a mysterious cavern with the only escape route too narrow to fit through. Armed only with your wits you must use whatever objects you find along with the surrounding environment to plot your escape.

Use the mouse to interact with the environment and items in your inventory.

Left-click on an item and then click on a part of the environment to use the item on the selected part.

Click on the arrows on the screen to maneuver around the cavern.


Are you tired of remembering too much up-coming events. Are you tired of taking pieces of notes but cannot find the one you want. Are you tired of forgetting something important. Just try ArcNotes. ArcNotes can help you manage and organize your notes with simplicity and efficiency. With the steamlined interface, the fully functional alarm and powerful notes managing ability, you will get nothing missed.