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Wiz Solitaire (for MacOS X)

Angelegt am: Juli 28, 2012
Foren-Administrator: Marcel
Collection of solitaires with customizable decks.

Wiz Solitaire is a collection of several card games which willentertain you for a long time. The game can be customized with beautiful decks that youcan create from your favorite pictures. You can also find many decks on the Internet: Wiz Solitaire supports severaldeck formats (its own format, Amiga's Klondike REKO formatand PC's RKP 8/16 formats).

Text Anarchy

Text Anarchy is a set of eight filters for After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Based on the best selling Elements of Anarchy: Text package, Text Anarchy dramatically expands the original set's functionality and potential. Whether you're adding visual background noise, using text as a texture, or flashing up words to reinforce some other idea in the piece, text is an important element of your composition. Text is traditionally one of the more difficult tasks to animate in most applications. We aim to simplify that with these eight tools. The eight filters provide a range of ways to animate text in motion, creating a very versatile filter set. Each filter has its own method for producing a wide variety of effects. Some of the filters use particle systems specifically designed for text. Others allow the animation of characters on a letter by letter basis. And still others use paths to control the look and attributes of the text. The filters can use almost any TrueType or Postscript Type 1 font, including dingbats. They're versatile as well as easy to use.

DS Lake

This applet can show a lake effect over any image Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.

Office Convert Word to Pdf Free

Office Convert Word to Pdf Free is a document to pdf converter, the converter allows you to convert hundreds of windows printable documents, such as word (doc, docx, docm), txt, rtf to searchable pdf (as default format, as image format,as text format) document. The converter can be used as a PDF writer or PDF creator from multiple applications as soon as it supports printing. Office Convert Word to Pdf Free supports the fast, affordable way to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. It accurately retains the layout of the original document file. Its easy-to-use interface only allows you to create PDF files by simply click the convert button. Advanced features: convert Word (doc, docm, docx), rtf, txt to PDF, output PDF has three formats:default format, image format, text format, drag and drop files, choose the entire folder to convert, intelligent processing of large files.

MDG Technology for SysML

Enterprise Architect - MDG Technology For SysML

MDG Technology for SysML allows you to specify, design and analyze complex system models using SysML with Enterprise Architect. Some of the features include: model with all 9 SysML 1.0 diagrams, conduct MDA (Model Driven Architecture) Style Transformations, visualize and trace requirements to model elements throughout the entire development lifecycle, built-in Discussion Forum: Create posts, access discussions and manage threads for team communication, custom Search Facility: Perform complex searches, view SysML Allocations and generate reports from the results and support for XMI 2.0, XMI 2.1 and UML 2.x. Enterprise Architect is a multi-user, project oriented tool for designing robust, object-oriented software systems using UML constructs.