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Star Sword

Angelegt am: Mai 22, 2013
Foren-Administrator: Eckart
Bei diesem atemberaubenden Arcade-Shooter trittst Du gegen die Aliens in einem erbitterten Kampf auf Leben und Tod an. Es ist in diesem Action-Spiel Deine Aufgabe, das Schiff durch 5 riesige Galaxien, die in futuristischen Szenarien dargestellt werden, zu steuern. Hier ist viel Geschick erforderlich, um in allen 50 Spielstufen zu überleben.

Aqua Forest

Using the next generation simulation software 'OctaveEnggine', AquaForest is a game that lets you manipulate various natural phenomena. Freely draw things using Tools like Arrow, Move, Pen, Eraser, Bucket, Square, and Slice. They react in real-time to the angle of the iPhone or iPod touch. There is also a Puzzle Mode which is comprised of 50 stages in five categories.Version 1.0.2 upgraded the faster process and includes bug fixes.

SharePoint Taxonomy Manager

Taxonomy-based item and document classification in SharePoint 2010 helps users to find the information they need much faster, it gives context to the cloud, connect users to social networks, provides portal-wide activity feeds and enables a new way to access information – independent of the storage location. The Taxonomy Manager offers a complete taxonomy life-cycle management application to import, create, deploy, improve and export terms. Additionally it extends the term store to add more advanced attribute to terms, like classification rules or related terms. Tag classification rules are used for automated or semi-automated content classification tools like Auto-Tagger and Tag Suggester.

* Advanced import features: Support of additional formats to import free and commercially available taxonomies, e.g. SKOS. Out-of-the-box SharePoint supports CSV only, localization and synonyms are not supported by default.

* Export feature: Taxonomy Manager allows exporting SharePoint-based corporate taxonomies without any loss of information into several different formats, e.g. SKOS. Out-of-the-box SharePoint doesn't offer any export.

* Change Management: Complete Taxonomy Life-Cycle Management, e.g. Term Suggestion, Term Publishing Workflow etc. Out-of-the-box SharePoint not offers any term change management.

* Management of custom term attributes: You can add and manage additional custom term attributes. Out-of-the-box there is an API only in SharePoint 2010 for managing custom term properties.

* Classification rules: You can create and manage tag rules for content-based auto-classification including rule auto-generation and rule validation. Out-of-the-box classification rules are not supported by SharePoint 2010.

* Term relationship management: You can point to completely different terms, that are related to the current term in any way. Related terms can be used e.g. for advanced navigation features.

* 100% SharePoint 2010 + Open API.

Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD

A Recovery CD works with a windows cd to return your Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP back to the original factory setup.

Once windows has installed you put this cd into the drive as soon as windows gives you a found new hardware dialog box. Once inserted the Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP will automatically find all the drivers and also install most of the original factory software. BEWARE OF GENERIC CDS ! All Drivers and factory software are operating system specific so you must have the correct software and drivers for your Samsung Q1U-Y04Windows XP. Some of the drivers you would find on this Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD are listed below. Not all will be applicable to your system as this list is for information only for Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD.

* All Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD
* Mice and other pointing device drivers
* USB drivers
* Keyboard Drivers
* cd drive drivers
* nVidia geForce nForce graphics drivers
* Samsung Sound Video and game controller driver
* Motherboard system device drivers
* Sound drivers
* All the drivers for your Q1U-Y04
* Universal Serial Bus Controller drivers
* Sound audio card drivers
* Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD system device drivers
* Human Interface drivers
* Chipset drivers
* Display drivers
* Samsung VIA drivers
* Samsung SIS drivers
* HID drivers
* Aspi drivers
* Q1U-Y04 Video Card drivers
* PCI And PCI express drivers
* Windows Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD
* Samsung Download sound drivers
* VGA drivers
* Samsung Q1U-Y04 Windows XP Recovery CD System Restore Driver cd
* WAN & LAN drivers
* Samsung video drivers
* Samsung USB drivers
* Device drivers
* Samsung Network drivers WLAN LAN
* Samsung Chipset drivers
* Wireless Network drivers
* Repairs every Samsung Q1U-Y04


Collidoscope is an interactive screen saver, application, and wallpaper generator for Windows which delivers a unique cornucopia of computer generated kinetic art to the user's desktop. Multitudes of abstract objects appear to traverse the computer screen and collide and interact with each other, producing a wide variety of kaleidoscopic formations which are incredibly dynamic and visually captivating. Collidoscope is designed and engineered to provide hours of enjoyment without the boredom which accompanies predictability.