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LB Film- und Biografieverwaltung

Angelegt am: Oktober 15, 2009
Foren-Administrator: Rüdiger
Verwalten Sie mit dieser Software Ihre Filme und Personenbiografien. Zudem können mit dieser Software Gedenktage verwaltet werden. Videoclips und Bilddateien können ebenso in die Sammlung aufgenommen werden.

Crazy Mini Games

This is an extension for Google Chrome. Crazy mini games is a game portal for the mini games lovers. This extension will choose the trendy and addictive games from crazy mini games .com.

Smart Data Recovery for U3

Smart Data Recovery ist ein Datenrettungswerkzeug für Windows, das Dateisysteme FAT und NTFS unterstützt. Die Software stellt Daten von Festplatten, Digitalkameras und sonstigen Datenträgern - Flash-Laufwerk, USB-Laufwerk, Memory Stick, PC-Karte, Multimedia-Karte, Secure Digital Card und Diskette - wieder her. Smart Data Recovery kann alle gelöschte Dateien wiederherstellen, inklusive MS Office Dateien, Fotos, MP3- und ZIP-Dateien, selbst wenn die Partitionstabelle zerstört ist.

Aktualisierte und verbesserte Ausgabe von Smart Data Recovery läuft unter Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Dieses neueste Produkt kann kostenfrei von heruntergeladen werden.

EMS Data Comparer 2007 for MySQL

EMS Data Comparer for MySQL is a powerful and easy-to-use utility for data comparison and synchronization. You can view all the differences in compared tables and execute an automatically generated script to eliminate these differences. Flexible customization of the comparison and synchronization process will enable you to select tables and fields for comparison and tune many other options. Data Comparer for MySQL includes a graphical wizard, guiding you through the data comparison and synchronization process step by step, and a command-line service for synchronizing data in one-touch.Version 2 implemented multi-threaded data comparison.

Cars vs Trucks

Grab tools, bonuses and powerups without getting hit by trucks pacman style. Drive and navigate your fast car through 50 level mazes of pure excitement. A variety of features included like Nitro Boost that puts the pedal to the medal to give you power acceleration, Maze Warp that lets you catch the train to surpass the current level, Invisible Auto and Dump Truck that will help you rack up points. Hit the Go Traffic Lights to send the trucks in a tailspin so you can knock them back home and the Stop Traffic lights will freeze the trucks for 15 seconds. Also there are special bonuses like moving tires and super bonus words that will give you free life opportunities. Moreover there is 3 skill levels from easy to hard, full screen or window mode, keyboard or joystick control all wrapped up with fresh graphics and driving music. After your game is over submit your score to the database and be ranked against players from around the world and view the best scores within the game.