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HS HTML-Viewer

Angelegt am: November 13, 2009
Foren-Administrator: Jutta
Diese Oberfläche für selbstgemachte CD-ROMs steht im HTML-Format zur Verfügung. Die Software kommt mit Frames, Tabellen, Formularen und CSS bestens zurecht, ist aber nicht kompatibel zu Java. Das Programm kann über AUTORUN.INF aufgerufen werden und in HTML-Dokumente eingebundene EXE-Dateien direkt starten.

Kung Fu Kim

Kung Fu Kim is simple and fun non-violent game of defense. Use arrow keys to block objects that fly towards you as you balance on a column. Learn new Kung Fu styles and gain belts with each new level. Nine levels in all.

Decimal Counter

Decimal Counter is an easy to use, fully featured counter for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion & After Effects.

What makes Decimal Counter so different is that it has been designed from the ground up to display proportional fonts in a monospace way. This eliminates the jitter of character spacings normally seen by other basic number counters. Using a tricky font like Zapfino is no problem, the result will be beautifully smooth increments.

You would of course expect to be able to use any font, any colour and have a fully adjustable drop shadow, but Decimal Counter is a bit smarter than that. DC offers global character spacing, three ways of ranging so that numbers can anchor on left, right or centre positions.

It also has a toggle to select the display of separators on/off. The display of these will also show the correct separators depending on your country localisation settings. Want to show an animating price? No problem! Decimal Counter can add a country specific currency symbol to the front of the numbers.

The parameters are all keyframable with two ranges to help in animating decimal places accurately. The precision of the number can either be shown as an integer, with tenths, or with hundredths.


Maze is a Mac OS X implementation of the classic maze screen saver module seen on various platforms.

It works with the Mac OS X built in screen saver.

Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pills Help You To Lose Weight In The Right Way.