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Crazysoft Netsend 2003

Angelegt am: Februar 4, 2010
Foren-Administrator: Bernhard
Netsend 2003 bietet komfortables Senden von Nachrichten über das Windows-Netzwerk. Es muss keine Konsole benutzt werden, es müssen keine Befehle auswendig gelernt werden.

Auch nach drei Jahren Bestehen ist Netsend 2003 immer noch den Anforderungen des täglichen Gebrauchs gewachsen.

Easy Image Resizer

Easy Image Resizer can easily resize pictures in batch mode. You can generate multiples image dimensions and formats. Easy Image Resizer supported formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. You can resize more than 1000 pictures in a process.

XB NCAA Football 2006 shareware download

5 stars (Great Game!!!!!) - I had never purchased an NCAA football game until this one, and I must say that I am happy that I did. I love the college feel that it brings to the table. Playing the Texas and Ohio State game in the Horseshoe with the crowd going nuts and the screen shaking was awesome!!! I see that a lot of people are complaining about the fact that throwing long passes is just too easy, but I have to ask if anyone ever watches college football on Saturdays? This is exactly what happens week in and week out in college football. Reason being is that there more than twice as many talented wide outs than there are corners in college football and I feel that that is accurately portrayed in this game. I don't have any gripes with this game except for the fact that in the rush for the heisman mode you are the automatic starter no matter what program you go to, and you don't have the ability to change the depth charts except for when the game is about to start and you have to do this before every game. All in all this is a great game and because if it my Madden 06 disc is collecting dust on my entertainment center.3 stars (Hailmary Wonderland...Yikes!) - Last years version of the game was okay at best. One could bomb the ball up and have your reciever snag it about 3/4 of the time. This year, this is not the case....its worse. The playaction deep bomb is over done. I have played six games on Hiesman and have broken every school & game record by nearly double. The great part is the recievers will catch the ball in stride, but the DBs fight over the ball and knock eachother out of the play! If you are okay w/ this flaw, the game is great. But when there is a money play this easy to execute, it puts the game down quite a bit. Rent before you buy, in my opinion, this flaw ruins the game.5 stars (Now everyone has a reason to go to college) - NCAA Football 2006 captures the college atmosphere extremely well. The game is loads of fun. The load times are decent, the Dynasty mode adds tremendous replay value, the Quest for the Heisman is a pseudo-ripoff of NFL 2K series Crib feature. I still love this game. I even like the music. It doesn't bother me that Lee Corso's and Kirk Herbstreit's commentary is repetitive. The only thing I take issue with is every year EA brags about the strength of the AI and yet you can run the option successfully hundreds of times while the computer controlled team struggles to find a defense capable of stopping you. Maybe that is why some people prefer to play online opponents. Let me wrap up. This a great game. The graphics are impressive and EA did a wonderful job here. Buy it for your son, buy it for your daughter, or buy for yourself. You will love it. I wish I could provide a more helpful review. Head on over to [...]and read the wonderful review they gave this game. That will be more helpful than anything I can contribute. Full info XB NCAA Football 2006

HP0-417 Practice Exams

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Blue Eye

Telefonnumern aus jedem Programm über tapi kompatible Hardware anwählen

Blue Eye ermöglicht das Wählen von Telefonnummern mit einem Tastendruck aus fast allen Anwendungen. Mit Hilfe von Bildschirm-Texterkennung (Onscreen-OCR), Eingabefeld-Spion und Überwachung der Zwischenablage werden die Rufnummern ermittelt und per TAPI-Treiber gewählt. Es gibt jedoch auch die Möglichkeit über externe Programme zu wählen (Parameterübergabe der Rufnummer). Darüber hinaus bietet Blue Eye noch einige weitere Funktionen wie z.B. Anrufjournal, Wahlwiederholung, Annehmen & Abheben per Hotkey, Task-Icon ... Getestete Anwendungen: Tobit David / Infocenter, Goldmine, Outlook, Outlook Express (auch Rufnummern aus E-Mails), Access-Datenbanken, Excel-Tabellen, NAVISION financials, div. Software-Adressbücher und einige mehr.