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es Odds Calculator

Angelegt am: Dezember 27, 2008
Foren-Administrator: Günter
Dieses Programm hilft Ihnen immer einen Schritt voraus zu sein. Es berechnet die Wahrscheinlichkeiten für Karten, die noch kommen können und die Sie brauchen um die beste Hand zu haben. So wissen Sie immer ob es sich lohnt weiter zu spielen oder die Karten wegzuwerfen. Z.B. Sie haben zwei Karten der gleichen Farbe und auf dem Tisch liegen weitere zwei. Wenn Sie fünfte Karte bekommen, haben Sie Flush und so Möglichkeit zu gewinnen. Das Programm zeigt Ihnen wie gross bzw klein die Wahrscheinlichkeit dafür ist. Gleichzeitig werden die Wahrscheinlichkeiten der Karten Ihrer Gegner berechnet und angezeigt. So wissen Sie womit Ihre Gegner spielen.
1) das Programm berechnet und anzeigt die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass mit der nächsten Karte eine Karte kommt, die Sie brauchen (z.B. Farbe zum Flush etc);
2) es werden die Wahrscheinlichkeiten der Karten Ihrer Gegner berechnet und angezeigt;
3) schnelle Berechnung erlaubt nutzen das Programms bei online Spielen;
4) bequeme Karteneingabe (einfach anklicken);
5) Funktion "Immer im Vordergrund" macht es, dass das Programm von anderen Anwendungen nicht verdeckt wird.
Und so einfach funktioniert das:
1) das Programm starten;
2) die Karten waehlen, die auf den Tisch gelegt wurden;
3) die Wahrscheinlichkeiten werden berechnet und angezeigt;
4) Sie muessen sich entscheiden, ob Sie mitspielen oder aussteigen.

Mizu Webphone

The WebPhone is a lightweight standard based VOIP phone that can be run even from webpages. Based on the industry standard SIP protocol, it is compatible with all VOIP devices and services. It can call any other SIP soft phone (for free charge) or any landline or mobile number via a VOIP service provider of your choice.

The phone is implemented as a java applet/application and it is completely independent platform running on webpages, windows desktop, MAC, Linux, Solaris and other devices.
It can be used as a normal softphone running on your website or as Skype-like buttons (Click to Call).
Compared to Skype buttons it has 3 main advantages:

* based on standard SIP protocol. This means more control, and you can change your phone service provider whenever you want. There are plenty VOIP providers offering free services too.
* no client side applications have to be installed. If the browser supports java than the phone will run "from the web"
* it is compatible with any VOIP service provider or for more control, you can use your own VOIP server (there are several free open source servers like Asterisk, or you can buy a cheap VOIP server with support)

The called person can accept the call on a VOIP device (soft phone, IP phone, call-center application) or can be contacted directly on their landline or mobile phone numbers. All usual call routing features can be enabled (call forward, call transfer, etc)

With Mizu-WebPhone you can quickly add VOIP capabilities on your website. For example:

* VOIP enabled support pages when people can call your support people from your website.
* VOIP enabled forums when members can call each other
* VOIP enabled blogs
* VOIP enabled sales when customers can call agents
* Call me HTML button
* Callback VoIP button
* VoIP Click to call HTML button

and many more

Jodie Foster wallpaper @

Your complete guide to Jodie Foster from with personal info, trivia, news, articles, pictures, wallpapers, and many more.
Discuss Jodie Foster with EntertainMania community, and enjoy our fun stuff!

WWII: Recon

Provides Myth II players with an exciting variant on gameplay and demonstrates the power of the editing tools to alter the Myth world and extend the game's replayability.WWII: Recon places the player on a Myth-like map populated with World War II-era soldiers. Each soldier carries a rifle, and has two basic attacks: firing at the enemy or using the bayonet at close range. However, they can also pick up medical kits and three types of grenades: normal, incendiary, and rocket-propelled. Finally, the addition of slow-moving, long-range Field Cannons allow the player to shell the enemy from a distance and lay down suppression fire: "maybe hiding all of our men behind the same tree was a 'bad' idea."Recon substantially changes the flavor of a Myth game. In Myth there are a variety of troop types who each specialize in one or two kinds of attacks, while Recon offers one troop type, each of whom can execute a wide variety of attacks. In addition, the focus is on ranged combat instead of melee.Recon is a multiplayer map with four variants: "S-2", a two-team map, "S-4", a four team map, "Elimination", a twelve-player game where each player controls one soldier with an obscured overhead map, and "Patrol", a twelve-player game where each player controls three soldiers.

Pure Invoice

PureInvoice is a CRM solution that puts you in control of your customer's accounts, allowing you to produce invoices, look up historical transactions and keep detailed notes on your customer's accounts, purchases and payments. PureInvoice keeps your customer database in check, identifies late-paying customers and generates professional invoices within minutes, so you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time caring for your customers. It includes a unique debtor control system, with built-in automatic letter generation for reminders. Exports to Excel via CSV, with many reports to choose from and six different invoice styles. Version 1.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.