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Pool House

Angelegt am: Dezember 7, 2009
Foren-Administrator: Helmuth
Erleben Sie den ultimativen Billard Spaß! Snooker, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Russian, American Pyramid, One pocket pool, call shot Games und viele andere! Die präzise und robuste Physik machen das Spiel zu einem realistischen Erlebnis. Alle Reaktionen laufe physikalisch korrekt ab. Wenn Sie einen Stoß mit Effet ausführen, erkennen Sie schnell die kurvige Bahn der Kugel. Laden Sie diese Billiard-Spiel herunter und wagen Sie ein Turnier! Das Spiel umfasst eine die Folgenden Spielvarianten: 8-Ball, 8-Ball Call Shot, 9-Ball, Russian Pyramid,Russian, Pyramid Call Shot, 10-Ball, 10-Ball no spot, American Pyramid, One Pocket, Snooker


See your solutions in a whole new way! With Visualizer 1.0, your FileMaker Pro solutions become instant visual entity relationship (ER) diagrams. Choose which fields are displayed, pick your custom colors and see a visual map of your selected fields and relationships. Instantly! Visualizer allows for display control of fields - show tables, show key fields or show all fields - and animates relationships associated with the selected entity. With this powerful documentation tool, users can easily build ER diagrams for projects during any phase of the development process - before, during and after. Visualizer is currently available for the Mac platform only and requires FileMaker 5.0 or higher. The application comes complete with Visualizer Helper, all documentation and tutorials. Features:
 • Create instant Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams
 • Custom Views: table view, show key fields or show all fields
 • Custom color coding
 • Animates relationships associated with selected entity
 • Powerful layout and alignment capabilities
 • Viewable printing options to show printable area
 • Full scriptable for automation needs

M-Audio/Midiman Delta Series

Driver for the Delta 1010 24-bit audio recording system

Jigsaw sea N34

Jigsaw Puzzle Player free download. Play jigsaw puzzles on your Jigsaw Puzzle Player free download. Play jigsaw puzzles on your computer, it's just like the real thing but without the hassle.


ODLog is an easy-to-use application for the accurate timing and recording of observational data. ODLog is typically used by scientists for naturalistic field observation studies, animal behavior experiments, psychology experiments. Although ODLog was primarily designed for researchers working in the behavioral sciences, it can also be used in any applications involving accurate manual scoring of live or videotaped observational data. ODLog is currently in use by researchers in experiments involving the manual observation of infant, adult, and animal behavior. ODLog can be used for data collection in studies using object recognition, social interaction, light-dark emergence, mazes, face preference, peer interaction, and much more. Data are stored in text format and can easily be imported into any spreadsheet or statistical package for analysis.Version 2.3 redesigns user interface, supports up to 12 buttons to simultaneously score 12 different behaviors, and improves timing accuracy.