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ChordPulse (NEU)

Angelegt am: Dezember 16, 2013
Foren-Administrator: Martin
ChordPulse ist eine virtuelle Begleitband zum Üben, Improvisieren oder Komponieren. Geben Sie einfach einige Akkorde ein, wählen Sie einen Musikstil, und das Programm erzeugt automatisch ein Arrangement mit Schlagzeug, Bass, Klavier, Gitarre und anderen Instrumenten. ChordPulse liefert Jamtracks (Begleitspuren) für über 50 Musikstile (Rock, Pop, Blues, Klassik, Jazz, Latin). Sie können den Stil, das Tempo, den Tonart und die Akkorde auch während der Wiedergabe mit wenigen Klicks ändern. Nutzen Sie das Programm als eine komplette Begleitung, eine Drum-Maschine mit Bass, ein Metronom mit Akkorden und für vieles mehr. ChordPulse ist ein Musik-Lernprogramm, ein einzigartiges Werkzeug zum Komponieren und ein idealer Partner zum Jammen. Mit ChordPulse können Sie in unterschiedlichen Tonarten üben, im 4/4 oder 3/4 Takt spielen, ein sicheres Timing entwickeln, mit Akkordfolgen experimentieren, Skalen, Solos oder ganze Songs üben. Hier kann jeder Musiker (egal ob Gitarrist, Bassist, Pianist, Schlagzeuger, Saxophonist oder Sänger) in eine Band-ähnliche Situation eintauchen und neue Ideen, Inspiration und Motivation finden.

MetriQ Professional

MetriQ automated time tracking software is perfect for automated timesheet administration and time software. Features MetriQ's patent-pending time capture software engine that accurately and reliably tracks time and duration spent working on applications and files on your computer. MetriQ time and billing software removes the need for staff to complete daily timesheets and web based timesheet solutions, logging time quietly in the background as you work. MetriQ is not a stopwatch program, and doesn't use time sheet technology, and yet will time and cost your work accurately, while you get on with other business tasks.

Time management and time attendance are important aspects of any modern business, and automating the time capture component will save you money, increase revenue and boost staff morale, as time spent completing timesheets and excel time spreadsheets can be spent on more important business related tasks.

MetriQ is iconic throughout, making it easy to use and understand, with a clean simple to use interface and is richly features with administration and reporting functionality.

MetriQ is the only software that automatically times pre-emptively, meaning you designate what you work on before you start. Permissive timing is also catered for timing events such as telephone calls and ad-hoc meetings. MetriQ will even go into Time Away mode when you are away from your desk, prompting you to allocated all time accrued during your absence, with the ability to split the time across different work folders should you be away for a longer period. MetriQ Professional is fully networkable with it's own database administrator and out of office synchronization. When it comes to reporting, MetriQ comes with over 160 different data fields, giving you unprecedented level of data extraction and reporting options, filtered using a range of variables from Groups of staff, dates, folders and a lot more.

Tandberg DLT tape drive

Tandberg DLT tape drive

Double Across - Crossword Puzzle Board Game

Double Across is the exciting new word game for the 21st century; it's designed for everyone who loves books, board games, or crossword puzzles. Double Across invites you to travel back in time to match the power of your vocabulary against such fascinating computerized personalities as Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, William Shakespeare, and Aesop. For an even greater challenge you and your friends can match wits with the incredibly powerful Mr. Genius. When playing against these built-in personalities, Double Across not only lets you exercise your vocabulary skills, it is also a delightful source of entertainment. Whenever you play a word that strikes their fancy, these characters wax romantic (Jane Austen), colorful (Mark Twain), philosophical (Jules Verne), poetic (William Shakespeare), or quixotic (Aesop) by proudly spouting off phrases and quotes from their published works.

Organizational Learning Software (Super)

Organizational Learning Software (Strategic A