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Scripten von Daten in T-SQL Format

Angelegt am: Februar 28, 2015
Foren-Administrator: Melanie
Dieses Tool ist für Datenbank Administratoren und/oder Entwickler des Microsoft SQL Server (7.0/2K) gedacht. Es scriptet Daten in ein T-SQL fähiges Format. Das Script (die Daten) können anschließend sehr einfach weitergegeben und im Query Analyzer ausgeführt werden. Das ist zum Beispiel sehr sinnvoll, wenn die verschiedenen Server keine Verbindung untereinander haben.Als Datenquelle können Tabellen, Views oder eigene SQL Statements verwendet werden. Einzelne Felder sind frei wählbar, auch die Index Felder können ausgewählt oder selbst definiert werden. Es sind sechs verschiedene Aktions-Typen vorhanden, zum Beispiel "Neue Datensätze einfügen und vorhandene aktualisieren.", oder "Nur vorhandene aktualisieren".Das ganze wird durch diverse zusätzliche Einstellungsmöglichkeiten abgerundet.Achtung: Das .NET Framework (1.0 oder höher) muss auf dem Client PC installiert sein.

BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK

BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK is a set of two COM controls (Client and Server) that
lets you set up a private voice chat network for secure messaging.
The transfered data are scrambled using on-the-fly 128-bit AES encryption. The security is provided in two different modes: symmetric encryption with shared secret key and asymmetric encryption with 1024-bit public/private keys.
The server is responsible for keeping information on and authentication of online peers.
All peers connected to a particular server build a single private community.
Fine grained access control is realized by a group of user-oriented permissions.
They grant access control privileges to system resources and services in a flexible and secure manner.
The voice stream is highly compressed to deliver the best possible sound over a limited-bandwidth connection.
In addition, the average bitrate is reduced thanks to the silence compression. In the encoder, a voice activity detector with an adjustable trigger level is used to distinguish between regions with normal speech activity and those with silence or background noise.
Significant echo suppression is achieved using a robust double talk detector.
Capability to mute recording and mute playback is implemented.
The incoming and outgoing audio data are available in raw PCM format for visualization in the application.
Two special events notify about signal overloading (possible distorsions) and transmission delays (network congestions).
Two different kind of text information can be exchanged between peers: alert and chat messages.
File transfer capability is implemented for direct file exchange between peers.
BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK utilizes an elegant event-driven paradigm for easy integration into Windows applications.A special attention is paid to provide responsive user interface while avoiding multithreading problems.
Sample applications are included in Visual Basic 2005 and Delphi 7.


G-FORCE makes your iPhone or iPod Touch a vehicle G-Force meter. Quantifies the G-Force you experience in the vehicle (e.g. during acceleration, braking, drifting, cornering etc).


(1) "Quick & Simple Calibration"
Simply press the start button and G-FORCE takes only about 0.5 seconds to calibrate to your iPhone's tilt angle.

(2) "Real Time Display"
Two "Linear Gauges" and two "Digital Displays" show the real time lateral (e.g. cornering) and longitudinal (acceleration, braking) G values.

(3) "Peak Hold"
Adjustable "Peak Hold Duration" helps you monitor peak values on the Digital Displays.

(4) "Adjustable Gauge Scale"
"log Scale" and "Linear Scale" helps you utilize the "Linear Gauges" for different conditions. e.g. Use log Scale in "mild" acceleration conditions or use "Linear Scale" in "aggressive" acceleration conditions.

(5) "Adjustable Audio Alert"
Provides alert sound when the G-Forces exceeded a user preset "threshold".

(6) "Session Maximum Records"
Shows all the maximum G values in the current session.

(7) "Large Operation Buttons"
Facilitates quick and easy operation.

AccuBell Talking Caller ID

Free 15 Days Trial. AccuBell Talking Caller ID announces the incoming phone call with caller number and identification of local or long distance call. Pop-up window shows callers Name, Number, Date and Time before you answer. Date and Time have region and country choices. Easy two button navigation on Main Display. Stores unlimited calls log history with full sorting capability of callers name, number, date and time.

Easily Dial missed calls right from the log. Numeric Pager Notification tells you when someone is calling your home or office. Ability to save the unwanted callers in a Block List and automatically hang up when any such call arrives. Telemarketers, Private and unwanted calls can be chose to Block or Unblock. Instantly Zap any unwanted incoming call. Call Forwarding feature let you take all incoming call to your Mobile phone during Internet session or when outside home. Display color choice of 14 different colors. Popup window minimizes after announcing incoming call and runs as a system tray application. Easy manual or automatic Modem Setup

Froggy Frogs Screen Saver

Froggy Frogs Screen Saver featuring over 20 high resolution images of cute little frogs in their natural habitat.