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AI Chess

Angelegt am: August 10, 2014
Foren-Administrator: Botho
"AI Chess" hat eine unglaubliche Tiefe, bleibt aber dennoch leicht zu benutzen und zu verstehen, insofern man der japanischen Sprache mächtig ist. Anfänger wie auch gewiefte Schachspieler werden begeistert sein von den vielen Funktionen, dem hohen Anspruch und dem Tutorial, welches "AI Chess" zu einem tollen Schachprogramm macht.

Amazon Search Bar

Besides looking great, this desktop search bar allows you to search directly and easily from within Windows Vista. It's been optimized with the end user and speed in mind for the Web's most popular site.

CNS Image

CNS Image can import images into container fields and export images from container fields. What the plug-in can do with images while in FileMaker is where it gets interesting. Imagine importing a folder of digital photos into FileMaker. There are several tasks you will probably want to apply to your photos. You may want to rotate a photo from landscape to portrait. You may want to crop a photo down to capture the subject of the photo better. You may want to flip or reflect a photo horizontally, vertically, or both. You may want to apply a sepia color tint to the photo to give it that antique look. You may want to sharpen the photo up and adjust the hue or saturation of the photo to make the colors pop out better. All of these things, and more, can be done using CNS Image, and you do not even have to leave FileMaker to accomplish them. You may want to extract a layer from a Photoshop document. You can even extract pages (layers) from a PDF document which can be useful for viewing documents cross-platform in FileMaker.
 • Import Images with dynamic paths and filenames
 • Export Images with dynamic paths and filenames
 • Use customizable dialogs to import and export images
 • Get a variety of information about an image
 • Convert image type, size, resolution, depth, quality, and target size
 • Crop an image
 • Rotate an image
 • Reflect or flip an image
 • Apply a Quicktime filter to an image
 • Transform an image (squish or stretch)
 • Download an image from the internet directly into a container field
 • Extract layers of an image as new images (Including Photoshop and PDFs)


Vi3Dim have developed a new 3D capture system that could revolutionize the way in which 3D models of real-world objects are created. We have created a program able to build 3D models of textured objects in real-time, using only a standard computer and webcam. This allows 3D modeling to become accessible to everybody. Vi3Dim allows anyone with a webcam to capture a real-world object as a 3D model with the textures already attached. You dont need any skilled artists or modelers, just a simple webcam and the Vi3Dim software. The user just needs to position the object they want captured in front of a webcam. Then the object is rotated and more information captured by the Vi3Dim software. Eventually you end up with a very accurate, fully-textured 3D model of the desired object.

Word to PDF Converter

Word to PDF Converter is a fast & easy tool for the batch conversion of Microsoft Word documents into PDF file format. PDF document created after conversion is completely reliable. No change occured in structure or fonts of the doc file during word to pdf conversion, it preserves graphics, layout and the format of the word document. Word to PDF Converter accurately retains the layout of the original Doc file. It enables you to Convert text in more than 100 languages and separates graphics from tables and text.

Word to PDF converter tool is designed with very convenient to user interface (GUI). Word to PDF converter converts Microsoft Word documents (.doc/.docx) to Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) documents with a single click. All MS Office versions are supported, including Office 2007. Word to PDF Converter converts any Word doc to PDF file excellent quality and quick execution. Get all the operation finished in seconds, Word to PDF converter do away with the essential of re-format PDF documents, it saves your time and money both. Word to PDF Converter is very powerful tool which allow you to convert any version of MS word documents into professional-quality PDF file format only by one click. Word to PDF Converter software is developed in Windows environment and so it is compatible with all windows versions.

More powerful Features:
* Performs batch conversion at one time.
* Support to perform on all versions of MS Office.
* Convert text in more than 100 languages.
* retains the layout of the original Doc file.
* preserves graphics, layout and the format of the word document.
* Easy to understand & operate user interface.
* Standalone application, no other software license is required.