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Angelegt am: November 28, 2010
Foren-Administrator: Detlev
Dieses Programm ist ein kleines Tool, welches mehrere Dateien in einem Schritt umbenennen kann. Seine Möglichkeiten umfassen das Umbenennen von Dateien in einem Ordner oder Unterordnern, Ersetzen des ersten oder aller Vorkommen einer bestimmten Zeichenkette im Dateinamen, das Hinzufügen des Ordnernamens vor den Dateinamen, Tauschen von Zeichenketten um eine bestimmte Zeichenkette herum (z.B. "titel - interpret.mp3" - "interpret - titel.mp3"), Löschen bestimmter Zeichenketten im Dateinamen, Formatierung in Klein-, Großbuchstaben bzw. großen Anfangsbuchstaben, Umbenennen über Netzwerke (LAN's), Unterstützung von drag'n'drop und vieles mehr. Dinner Spinner - Recipes, Drinks, and more! Dinner Spinner is a fun and useful recipe app from the worlds #1 food site, delivering thousands of our members favorite quick and easy recipes to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Its FREE! Thousands of top-rated recipes - each featuring photos and reviews from our community of millions of home cooks right in the palm of your hand! Plus, time-saving recipe tips from Members and their ideas for recipe variations that help to eliminate any guesswork!

Its EASY & FUN! Dinner Spinner lets you be a picky eater or come hungry for ideas:

Choose by Dish Type: Appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes, dessertsthe list goes on!

Choose by Ingredient: Search for what you have on hand or what you are looking to buy.

Choose by Desired Ready In Time: from recipes in under 20 minutes to all-day slow cooker dishes.

Shake for Ideas: Not sure what youre looking for? Just shake the phone or hit spin to get a random selection of dishes and ingredients.

SHARE RECIPES! Email recipes to friendsor save it to your Favorites if it's a keeper! Go aheadgive it a spin!

Visit us at for more great recipes and helpful tools.

WorldWide FTP

Free ftp software that can be used to connect to a FTP server and transfer files to and
from the server. WorldWide Ftp features a straightforward, easy-to-use interface, stability, and good performance for
personal FTP sites. WorldWide Ftp is a fast FTP client with Multi-threaded transfer engine providing up to 10x faster

FreeCaddie for iPhone

FreeCaddie is a golf rangefinder. It uses its GPS capabilities combined with the course file data to tell your distance to the front, center, and back of the green. You can create your local golf course on Web site which then gets shared with other users.The LED tells you when the GPS has locked on,easily download courses from and store as many courses as you like on your iPhone.

Bolivia 360° Virtual Visit

Take a virtual tour of this amazing country using cutting-edge VR photography. Explore all the travel highlights through high resolution interactive VR combined with a simple, intuitive interface. This DVD-Rom offers many unique features; directional sound, fullscreen 360 Cubic VR and Motion VR panoramas where absolutely everything is moving, even you. In addition, interactive region maps, travel texts and music help make this a great way to prepare or remember your next trip. Created with interactive Quicktime VR. Basic interface, only three 360 panoramas.