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Too Much Coffee

Angelegt am: Dezember 19, 2011
Foren-Administrator: Gertrud
Slide mit Computer Artworks der Too Much Coffee Website. Acht lustige Bilder.

Content Marketing

Content marketing project management tool. Keep your to-do list organized. Monitor your all your tasks and projects easily. List all of your current projects quickly and keep track of everything so you'll never miss a deadline.

The non-standard COM device

The Driver use COM port of the computer as parallel!
You have 2 lines on the write and you have 4 lines on the read.
You can use the TxD line for data transmitt! The driver is the ActiveX. You can use its in some Programming language. (ActiveX™ is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation). Your device must be the V.24 compatible (CCITT standard for definition of circuits between a DTE and DCE)

PureSim Baseball 2007

Ever wonder what it would have been like to see Nolan Ryan pitch against Babe Ruth? To see the 1947 Yankees play against the 2000 Yankees? In PureSim Baseball 2007, anything is possible. You have complete control over the great American past-time. PureSim Baseball 2007 is a robust baseball simulation that lets you deal with almost any option, any design, and any player from 1900 to 2005. PureSim Baseball 2007 now includes the fully licensed Lahman Database of historical players and teams from 1900 - 2005.This demo lets you run a few of the 105 seasons that have been included in the full version of PureSim Baseball 2007.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wallpaper

High quality Jennifer Love Hewitt wallpaper.