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Clay Aiken Sexy Screensaver

Angelegt am: Juli 7, 2013
Foren-Administrator: Adalard
Dieser Bildschirmschoner bietet viele große hochauflösende Bilder des American Idol Kandidaten Clay Aiken. Jedes einzelne Bild kann als Hintergrundbild auf dem Desktop verwendet werden. Ebenso können Überblendungen frei gewählt werden.

Commission Magician

The Commission Magician is a spreadsheet program designed to facilitate the payment process for businesses that rely on commission based sales. The program has three main functions. It serves as a storage area for transaction and sales agent information associated with commission payments. It facilitates the printing of the commission checks associated with the collected information, and it generates a summary report that displays information consistent with that necessary to complete Federal Forms 1099 and 1096 at the years end. It's a fairly simple program to use and is relatively flexible in its design. A great tool for Real Estate and related professions.


Beautiful jigsaw puzzle of Anna, a pretty nude girl in a sun hat. The preview photo is not available until after you complete the puzzle, giving an extra air of mystery and increasing the difaculty.

tatiana cigars 2010

The internet age has certainly affected the image of cigars as a very aristocratic symbol of high society lifestyles. The availability of internet stores for cigars created a new avenue to have a taste of these hand rolled beauties from various parts of the world. The diversity of cigar making has also greatly increased and there are now more companies, local and global that are available on internet stores. It is an activity that can be more closely related as a form of social connectivity as well as a symbol of coming of age. Cigars are used as great gifts to people and they do seem to be used more on special occasions unlike before where people tend to have the time to pamper and relax themselves.When it comes to flavored cigars, there is only one brand that would come in mind to many cigar enthusiasts and this is Tatiana. They use a filler of Dominican Tobacco. Tatiana also uses Indonesian wrapper and uses a Dominican wrapper. Each cigar of Tatiana holds a magical flavor that will certainly be very fun to experience. Tatiana has a very wide range of flavors from amaretto to vanilla. They also have some unique flavor blends for cigars which are called Tatiana Trio cigars. Each one is loaded with 3 distinct flavors that will surely make you appreciate the distinct flavors of this brand. The prominent blends are Groovy Blue, Night Cap and Waking dream. Groovy blue is very sweet and aromatic. Night cap has a hint of vanilla and so this is perfect for those who like the taste of coffee. The Waking dream has a very smooth flavor and it has very malty taste that will surely appeal to cigar enthusiasts. Another iconic aspect of the Tatiana is the mocha cigars. Tatiana is considered a master when it comes to making these distinct flavored cigars and the mocha flavor is the dream cigar of any mocha lover. You will certainly love and appreciate the mild, smooth as well as very mocha flavor of the cigar but at the same time, it is mild enough.

SPX Graphic Editor

Enjoy using the tools, effects and functions to edit your images to perfection. Attention: All and only the tools you need. Easy interaction with the screen capture and annotation studio from the same bundle. Here's a scenario: capture a screenshot and edit/annotate right away. When done send your work to any destination: clipboard, file, e-mail, web, annotation studio, printer.