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iToolSoft PPT to Video Converter

Angelegt am: Juli 8, 2013
Foren-Administrator: Kirsten
Wandeln Sie Ihre Powerpoint-Präsentationen mit hoher Geschwindigkeit und ausgezeichneter Qualität in Videodateien um! Mithilfe dieses Programms wird es für Sie möglich, Ihre PPT-Dateien zum Beispiel auf dem iPod abzuspielen. Die Anwendung ist sehr leicht und benötigt keinerlei Vorwissen.


Once upon a time, three-letter demigods would etch their names in the high score lists of arcade games the world over. Defeating wave after wave of attackers, these heroes of another era possessed a skill that brought down the most sophisticated machines of the day. Their hand-eye coordination was a wonder to behold. Alas, as the great arcades fell to ruin and rust, so did the masters. Forced into mundane worlds of management and simulation, they became slow and dim-witted; the skill of the true gamer rarely tested... until now. Invaders is an addictive fast-paced space shooter designed to test pure hand-eye coordination. There is no luck to blame, there are no patterns to learn, and there is no 'kill em all' power-up to save your day. There is only you, your ship, and the endless hordes. Good hunting!


DiskSpaceFreem is a disk-management tool that can enlarge your hard-disk space by more than 20 percent. It analyzes the files on your hard disk, determines what files have wasted your space, and makes you use your hard disk more efficiently. Enhances the online update function and junk-scan engineer, and adds an online active function. Version 2008 includes unspecified updates. Version 7.02 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

World Adventure

While pursuing his life's work of collecting 12 ancient artifacts, your grandfather, a world-famous archaeologist, has suddenly gone missing. Now it's up to you to track him down. Using his secret journals as a guide, travel to 12 exotic locations, find the treasured artifacts, and discover the truth about your beloved grandfather's fate. Arrange game pieces into matching groups of three or more to collect resources and continue your journey.

Protocol Test Client Driver

Protocol Test Client Driver