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GSA Regnow Statistics Expert

Angelegt am: Januar 21, 2009
Foren-Administrator: Arnt
Das Programm GSA RegNow Statistics Expert ist ein Softwarewerkzeug, das speziell für die Nutzer von RegNow entwickelt und getestet wurde. Es bietet den Produktverkäufern (product vendors) eine Vielzahl an Funktionen zur Datenauswertung, -repräsentation und -sicherung sowie zur Kundenverwaltung. Eine Fülle an grafischen Übersichten vermitteln Ihnen schnell und effizient einen Überblick über den Stand und die Entwicklung Ihrer Verkaufszahlen. Eine optimale Kundenverwaltung stellt Ihnen neben dem Management aller relevanten Kundendaten ein Werkzeug für den direkten E-Mail-Versand von beliebigen Informationen an die Kunden (der Empfängerkreis ist über Suchfunktionen definierbar) zur Verfügung. Darüber hinaus bietet Ihnen der GSA RegNow Statistics Expert ein hohes Maß an Datensicherheit (Sie speichern Ihre Verkaufs- und Kunden-Daten auf Ihrem PC). Das Programm verfügt über eine Datenbank-Backupfunktion, mit deren Hilfe der gesamte Datenbestand gesichert und im Ernstfall zurückgeschrieben werden kann.

Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage

We offer a unique, suitable for framing gift-giving idea to honor and celebrate this African American holiday. The only product like it in the world, Kwanzaa software produces, in seconds, a treasured keepsake that can be a centerpiece for the home or organization celebration.

We offer a try-before-you buy, fully functional version of the software, free of charge or obligation, so that you may see, first hand, this amazing program in action. You won't be disappointed. The full-color printout celebrates the seven days of Kwanzaa, and is inscribed with the individual's or family's name for the just-right personalized touch so much in demand today.

Its unique nature has no peer in today's gift world, and due to its tasteful, respectful, accurate & colorful presentation, the person who receives this as a gift will be honored. If you are involved with the African-American community or have an African-American clientele, then this software is a must-have. New lower tiered pricing with internet activation of the software.

XMicro Personal Firewall

XMicro Personal Firewall is designed to protect your PC against attacks from the internet via a local area network and supports multiple adapter configurations. It allows you to apply rules and prompts you for required actions when it detects an unknown packet. It monitors any Internet connection in real time and prevents any unauthorized traffic. Real time traffic monitoring enables you to react instantly to threats and also helps you identify bandwidth bottlenecks.
Traffic Oscillograph, a rare feature with XMicro Personal Firewall, dynamically presents the network traffic in a continuous and graphical manner. XMicro Personal Firewall allows you to create rules manually and supports rules for applications, intranet, Network and time type (an intelligent feature that grants access to applications and programs on particular days of the week).
XMicro Personal firewall gives you 3 security level of protection on the local network / dial up/ ASDL and cable modem connections. In each of these levels, you can still navigate the web without any limitations and programs you have already given access to will work.

IBM LM78 Environment Interface to Intel 82801EB LPC Controller

IBM LM78 Environment Interface to Intel 82801EB LPC Controller

POP Collector

POP Collector is a freeware utility that downloads emails from one or more POP3 mailboxes and forwards them to an SMTP server. Supports global mailbox (with failsafe). You can use a catch-all mailbox with your ISP to collect all the mail for your domain. It will be sent to the correct recipient by POP Collector (except when recipient is in BCC field, which is not included in email headers). Unlimited POP3 email account support (maximum supported accounts is entirely dependent upon your operating hardware). Multiple domain support. You can download email from as many domains as you like. All settings are customizable per POP3 mailbox. You can check the POP3 mailbox at any interval starting from 1 second (though this is highly inadvisable). Each POP account can have it's own SMTP server. POP Collector can now act as a router between many email systems. Optionally you can enable (per POP mailbox) the checking of each downloaded message to ensure it is compliant with RFCs. In some (few) cases POP servers return slightly malformed mail, which an SMTP server may or may not handle correctly. Any header lines that are not compliant are removed.