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Shooting Stars Pool

Angelegt am: Mai 6, 2010
Foren-Administrator: Gerhardt
Hier habt ihr die Chance Eure Technik am heimischen PC im Pool zu verbessern. "Shooting Stars Pool" besticht durch eine realistische Sicht auf den Tisch und physikalisch korrekte Ballbewegungen. Selbstverständlich könnt Ihr in verschiedenen Locations antreten, gegen einen zweiten Spieler zocken oder verschiedene Modi auswählen!


 • Archive filter for all native EIMS log documents
 • Supports Error Log, Mail Log, Sending Error Log, and Console Log documents
 • Compatibility with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
 • Compatibility with EIMS and EIMS X
 • Customizable archive target directories
 • Custom archive document names
 • Settable archive document creator and document types
 • Email notification of error conditions
 • Maintenance of archived log document statistics (Size Log)
 • Control of notification manager alerts in preferences;
 • Dynamic reloading of modified preferences;
 • Set group name of archived documents under Mac OS X;
 • Set full permissions for archived documents under Mac OS X;
 • Automatic update notifications controlled with preferences;
 • Fully capable demo mode.

AbbaFax Job Server

Critical documents such as invoices, purchase orders, statements, and confirmations are typically mailed or faxed using fax machines. With AbbaFax Job Server, you can deliver these documents automatically via fax or e-mail and reduce the cost by up to 90%. AbbaFax Job Server can integrate with any host which generates plain text, postscript, or PDF. With our user-friendly fax codes or intelligent fax word map feature, you can fax enable any application without programming work. AbbaFax Job Server is a multi fax lines, multi users fax server solution for companies need to deliver high volume of original documents in format of plain text, postscript or PDF generated from their host applications.

The Informant

The Informant allows you to manage a list of websites for which you would like to monitor the online status. Using a simple color-coded system, The Informant will keep you updated by returning the results of automatic checks made at an interval of your choosing.


A Quark 6 XTension that allows the user to convert all Quark documents inside a user specified folder into EPS files.