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Angelegt am: Januar 24, 2011
Foren-Administrator: Jürgen
RapidKey stellt Ihnen eine neue Windows-Funktionalität zur Verfügung. Nachdem sich RapidKey nach dem Aufruf in die Task-Leiste einklinkt, haben Sie in allen Windows-Programmen stets Zugriff auf Autotext, Makros, Zugriff auf den Desktop und Zugriff auf häufig benötigte Ordner bzw. Verzeichnisse.


SAM is a collection of many useful utilities, such as unit conversion, reminders, tasks, world times, notepad, international dialing codes and more.

SAM include modules that can help you in day to day life. SAM is easily accessible via the system tray or using keyboard shortcuts.

The modules include:

Reminders - Helps you to remember tasks.
Jotter - A quick notes module.
ToDo - manage your tasks easily.
Units - Convert units (Distance, Mass, Speed and Temperature).
World Times - Different time zone clocks.
Stop Watch - Count time.
Timer - Counts time backwards.
Anniversaries - Keep track of important dates.
Small Calc - A small sized calculator.
Calendar Utils - All sorts of date calculations.
Tables - Greek and Russian alphabets, International dialing codes.

CheckQuota Professional

CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories. It monitors directory size and sends alerts if a limit was exceeded. But CheckQuota has much more features. So it can works like a real disk quota program. Real disk quota this means the following: For every folder it is possible to specify one or more users. If a specified user exceeds the directory usage limit, all write processes will be prevented for them. The user can read and delete his data, but writing is not possible. So a system administrator can control and stop increase of directory size. When user deletes data, in order that the directory usage falls under specified limit, he gets all the write access back. CheckQuota is must-have for every professional user and should be installed on every system.


This program enumerates all shared disks found on your local network using the Win32 API function called WNetEnumResource. When all resources available have been collected, it will try to recover the passwords from the password protected shares. It was written to exploit a bug in Windows 9x/ME that allowed a user to enter a share only knowing the first character of the password.


Meet is the next generation IRC client for Windows. This is the first pre-alpha release. We have distribuited this release only for receive suggestions during the develop of it. We suggest the use of it only for patient people :-) THANX