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Web2PDF Converter

Angelegt am: Juni 29, 2010
Foren-Administrator: Arnt
Das Web to PDF-Konvertierungstool ermöglicht Ihnen kostenlos die einfache Umwandlung jeder beliebigen Website in ein PDF-Dokument. Fügen Sie einfach die URL der Website, die Sie konvertieren möchten, ein und klicken Sie auf den "convert to PDF"-Button. In nur wenigen Sekunden konvertiert die Software die angegebene Website in ein PDF-Dokument, das Sie unverzüglich verwenden können.

Business-Anwender können Web to PDF nutzen, um permanente Abbilder von Websites der Konkurrenz zu machen, interessante Artikel von News-Seiten festzuhalten und Informationen herunterzuladen und diese mit Kollegen zu teilen. Heimanwender können PDF-Dateien von Familien-Seiten, Blogs oder Sport-Artikeln erstellen.

NaPalm Runner

NaPalm Runner is mix of ideas of popular games (some of Lode Runner, some of Bomber Man, some of Sokoban), but it has quality graphics and animation, music and sound; limitless quantity of mazes of various size and complexity. To proceed to next level you need to pick up all artifacts and open the door. There are monsters on the level; their purpose is to steal jewels and to hunt a player. Also, there are barricades, consisting of the boxes, barrels and ice cubes. You can find useful items: bombs (to explode barriers and monsters), pick (to make impassable piles), freeze tool (makes monsters freeze for a short time) and a trap (don't get in it).


An easy-to-use application which allows you to load existing Excel spreadsheets or compose new ones on-the-fly in the form of tables, and analyze them after in a convenient hierarchical window with ability to filter data, quickly reorganize them and change the type of totals used.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics is authoritative and reliable; this is the ideal reference guide for students of mathematics at school or in the first year at university. Many entries have been added, expanding coverage in the area of computing, including entries on linear algebra, optimization, nonlinear equations, and differential equations. It features clear definitions and examples help students understand key mathematical terms, expands coverage of computing terms, coverage of modern mathematics- new entries cover terms used in first-year university degrees, added biographies of more modern mathematicians, including Nobel prizewinners and fields medalists, and hyperlinks between words and to web urls.

dbLink CRM and ERP

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is aimed keeping your customers happy. DBLink-CRM on demand Marketing Automation will provide your marketing team with a view into the entire Customer Life Cycle marketing campaigns, automate lead qualification and follow up the future sales and support data. Analyzing and understanding how your campaigns are performing allows you to more accurately define those campaigns that work for you. DBLink-CRM marketing solutions provide detailed Campaign, Contact and Lead tracking, reporting and analytical tools to give your team precise measurements on all types of campaigns from radio spots to newspaper prints.