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Angelegt am: Juni 3, 2013
Foren-Administrator: Seraphine
Erlaubt das Programmieren von Rufumleitungen und Keypad-Sequenzen an ISDN-Anschlüssen, wahlweise lokal am PC oder auch ferngesteuert über einen Webserver


webGuru is a full-featured Web log analysis software, with some great and unique features, like XML/XSLT reports, grouping system, multiple report templates and report archiving. Of course, it also has the standard features, like a powerful filtering system, URL tracking, reverse DNS lookup, multi-profile system, GZ and ZIP support. webGuru is also very easy to use, and has a complete and comprehensive help file. webGuru v1.4.2 fixes bugs about report dates and log line parsing.

M-Audio FireWire Solo

audio interface driver

Hotels Photo Screensaver

Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures and recall for exotic memories. Hotels Photo screensaver has pictures of the most beautiful, luxury and relaxational places where everyone may enjoy for unlimited time. Do you want to take a rest somewhere here? Take a close look at this amazing places and find your peace and tranquility. Sit back and let your vacation begin.

Home Buying Power

This is an essential tool for the Real Estate Professional or the home shopper to quickly focus a home search on the right price point. By entering in your desired payment or your income percentage, your down payment, loan term and interest rate, Home Buying Power helps you calculate the price point of homes you can afford. With current market conditions requiring higher down payments, many people are down payment limited. By entering in the required down payment percentage for the market you are in, Home Buying Power can analyze whether your desired payment is consistent with your available down payment. If you are down payment limited, Home Buying Power will tell you, and give you the payment amount for the maximum priced home you can afford based on your down payment. Home Buying Power also includes a powerful mortgage payment calculator with a "Detail" view that includes fields for the properties MLS number and address.