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XT Rally

Angelegt am: Juni 21, 2012
Foren-Administrator: Ekkehard
"XT Rally" ist ein geniales Rally-Spiel mit famoser Optik, vielen Spielmodi und bietet sogar die Möglichkeit, online gegen andere Rennfahrer anzutreten. Abgerundet wird das tolle Spiel von Vialesca nur noch durch die Möglichkeit, eigene Strecken und Autos zu gestalten.


GlassNet is a network monitoring solution, design to ease the job of the network administrator. Providing real time monitoring at the service level is an efficient tool to stay on top of the network problems. Glass Net offers the possibility to monitor several different types of devices, such as computer, network servers, routers, switches ip-phones, ip cameras. Since, Glass Net works at the port level is really easy to monitor any device that supports HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, SSH or as a last resource a simple ping.

GlassNet was design with expandability in mind. With the capability to support plug in, which there are already some under way, like SIP, IAX and Asterisk plug in. We have tried to keep the structure of the tool as simple an easy to use as possible, to focus more on the expandability of the tool.

MortgageTools Professional

Professional Mortgage Calculators for the Serious Homebuyer. Extremely powerful and easy-to-use mortgage calculators are finally here. You will be able to calculate your total house payment including taxes, insurance and PMI without guessing or bogus results! You can also pre-qualify yourself with ease, calculate closing cost, figure interest-only payments, estimate cash-to-close requirements, calculate FHA and VA loan programs, run refinance scenarios, print amortization schedules, print detailed reports, plus much more. These calculators are designed to use local property tax, homeowner's insurance and closing cost figures for your state. No other mortgage calculator on the market does all this with such ease!

"Made for a first-time homebuyer, but pwerful enough for a real estate professional"

MultiCore Optimizer

Speed up your Apps and Games: with an intelligent load balancing of processes on different cores of you multicore system, applications and the whole system will be speed up a considerable amount of percentage. MultiCore Optimizer manages processes easy and comfortable. You can set priorities and create profiles to automatically load your personal settings with every start of your PC.

10 reasons for using Multicore Optimizer:

-Speeds up apps and games

-Turbo-button to speed up one process

-Automatic-button to increase general system performance

-See detailed information about processes and system

-Save profiles to automatically start your PC with your personalized settings

-Supports up to 8 CPU cores

-Integrated update system

-Integrated task manager

-Vista gadget for Windows sidebar included

-Low resource usage


PCFolio was designed by investors to answer these simple questions:
 •  What is my portfolio's current balance as of the last price on all of my securities?
 •  How much was my Gain / Loss on that last trade?
 •  What is my Gain / Loss year to date on that security? For my Portfolio?
 •  How much I'm I spending in commissions?
 •  How much have I traded on a given stock for the Gains or Losses I have incurred?
 •  What is my total number of trades to date?
 •  What is the average price for each of the securities I hold? And as of my last sell or buy order?
 •  What are the current prices of all my holdings?